Welcome to my site. Here I will be sharing my passion of the game of baseball and baseball cards. 

Mound Visit :  This is where you can find my thoughts on the game of baseball. As well as reviews and opinions on the recent releases of baseball card sets. In essence a place where we just talk about baseball

Cards for Sale : Here will be my cards for sale. I will try and do my best to keep these lists up to date. If you find something you like just contact me and we can take it from there. I do a lot of trading on various forum and boards so you may also find me there. 

FT: Set Fillers : These are the cards I have for trade, majority of the time it will be base cards from sets. Thus, you set builders can try and complete you sets. If you need anything let me know and I am sure we can work out a trade. Will sell as well if you are looking to buy. 

Call to the Pen : Contact point, here you will find various ways to find me/get a hold of me. 

Feel free to look around on my site. Thanks for visiting.